For several years , the art market has posted record growth worldwide on account of an almost constant offer for a strongly increasing demand. More than 700 new museums open every year , a phenomenom which explains the strong demand for exceptional works of art so as to meet their visitors’ needs.Similarly, amateurs and art collectors are on a strong increase all over the world and especially in fast developing countries where the population is getting richer and richer (Asia, the Middle East,…)


All this tends to rank art as the best financial investment for the last couple of years, well ahead the Stock Exchange, real estate, life insurances and raw materials

Nevertheless, buying art products requests a perfect knowledge of the world market and a specific valuation so as to purchase good products at the best prices to leverage your investments.

That is why I decided to create Valotin so as to help investors to invest their money in the best possible manner according to their own buying requirements.

Buying properly is at the core of investments in art.

Thanks to our live negociations with artists and private sellers all over the world, our prices on a some works are twice lower than those offered in art galleries or other traditional networks.

Our catalog is composed of thousands of works at all prices, ranging from all periods and countries, suitable for global investment capital going from 100,000 to several tens of millions of euros.

Our team at Valotin welcomes you and is at your disposal to receive you in Hong Kong or Paris at your convenience

Each customer, like each work of art, is unique to us and and we will know how to fully respond to your requirements.

We look forward to welcoming you

Best regards

                                                                                                                     A. PETIT – Founder